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Fight With Corona Digitally - LUCAN Mobile App

Author: Utkarsh Kumar

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, that has forced the world to take a step back to inside their residences, one of the greatest uncertainty that people have, and possibly will have regarding it, is the belief over others, that whether or not they carry the virus.

In order to fight this issue, the University of Lucknow released a mobile application LUCAN(Lucknow University COVID 19 Awareness Navigator), powered by SDI FoET LU, which aims to connect people and health services in our fight against Covid-19. The app is available to download on any Android Device with version 7 and above. LUCAN is bilingual which means that it can support 2 languages - English and Hindi.

The credit to the origin of it goes to the three astute students in the second year of BCA (2019-20), Rohit Jaiswal and Usman Ahmad— the developers and Sachin Singh, who designed the app's effective UI. The app development is completed under the guidance of Assistant Professor Zeeshan A. Siddiqui (In…

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